How To Replace Your Salary With Chipshop.Finance

As we enter what feels like another bear market, are you wondering…

Hold tight friend. In this article I’m going to show you not only how it’s possible to STILL make money in a bear market (every day), I’m going to show you how you can replace your monthly salary just by holding and staking ONE token.

It may be hard to believe in this day of soft rug pulls and tokens dropping 99.9% of value in 1 day (*cough* IRON), but not only is it possible, it’s simple to do.

What’s the project?

Chipshop Finance is one of the latest algo projects on the Binance Smart Chain but unlike other algos, we’re pegged to Ethereum on Binance.

A moving peg is GREAT in a bear market.

As the price of ETH falls, our CHIPS token which it is pegged to, becomes more and more valuable. Not so for algos pegged to USD (remember those?)

How To Get Paid Daily.

FISH shares and CHIPS tokens are the main tokens of the Chipshop.

Think of FISH as the asset you hold and CHIPS is the reward you earn.

You simply stake (or place) your FISH shares inside the Deep Fat Fryer (called Boardroom in other algos) and EVERY 6 HOURS, you get paid CHIPS tokens.

That’s right, EVERY 6 HOURS.

During Expansion (When the price of CHIPS tokens is above 1 ETH) the fryer prints out CHIPS tokens as rewards.

Currently, the fryer is paying out at these rates.

So every 6 hours, you earn 1.71% on your money staked in the fryer.

So bear market or not, as long as the fryer is printing you get paid 4 times per day.

What’s The Catch?

Surely there's a catch, it's crypto….well not really.

The only problem is that if you sell your CHIPS tokens, the price of CHIPS drops below 1 BETH and the fryer stops printing.

How To Keep The Fryer Printing

At the Chipshop, we know that most algo projects died because people sold their tokens.

We have a proprietary system called the ChipSwap where you can SWAP your CHIPS tokens for FISH shares.

This helps in 3 ways.

  1. Every time you swap, we BURN that supply of CHIPS to keep supply low which then reduces any drop in the CHIPS price.
  2. You can now sell those FISH shares on the open market to cash out.
  3. The super-smart investor will now add that Fish BACK INTO THE FRYER to compound the already excellent rewards.

I like it. Give me an example.

Let’s say you have $10,000

You buy $10,000 worth of FISH shares and stake in the Deep Fat Fryer.

You will make $683 dollars every single day while the fryer keeps printing.

In just 7 days you will make over $4781. That’s almost half of the money you invested back in a week.

So instead of closing your eyes to avoid the crypto bloodshed, head over to Chipshop.Finance and make back your money, starting at 6% a day

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